Pt 1 of 3: PureLips on Etsy - Wonderfully nourished skin! - 100% Natural Vegan Body Cream and Lip Treatment Review

What you will see today are products from PureLips at Etsy, a 100% natural vegan beauty store!
The products range from skin care, hair care, and makeup.
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The products I purchased are the...

(Their store names are different from their label names.)

In this review, I will be highlighting the body cream and the lip treatment.

But first, let me gush over the owner/creator, Pond Parker!
You can feel her dedication just reading her item descriptions. I appreciate thorough detail, especially when online shopping, because it shows me that the person truly cares about what they do and are sure of their work. I love people that are passionate and it makes me want to support them which is why I picked her store for my first venture into natural vegan beauty!

I felt sure and safe buying her products. Though it helped that she has many good reviews from real buyers and I hope that my review helps you too!

Of course, no product suits every single individual. There may be some hit and misses if you don't know how your skin well or if you have certain expectations. However, in my opinion, I feel that it's guaranteed that what she offers is quality, honesty, and care.

When it comes to shipping, I bought the items July 3rd and they arrived July 9th!! They came packed with shipping peanuts in a secure box which was covered in a bubbled envelope. I could smell the products through all that! Because my purchase was over $50 and I'm in the US, shipping was free with a code: FREESHIPPING50.

The first item I will review is the

amazing ingredients
feels light and fluffy
goes into skin quick
not greasy
positive changes to skin
super squeezable bottle
scent isn't overwhelming

out of my price range for daily use
not up to my standards of hydration
not moisturizing enough for dry skin

Best For
In my opinion, this is for people with normal skin.

This bottle is $15 which is expensive for me. My usual lotion is in a bigger bottle and around $6 but $15 is worth it. Read more to see why!

I would describe it having the warmth of vanilla, a light sweetness of cocoa, and mostly a leafy aroma of something similar to green tea (but not, lol). It's a light and airy scent that gently lingers and then disappears. I looove it.

It's creamy and thick but doesn't feel heavy. It's fluffy and absorbs into the skin quickly. On the skin it's kiiiiinda like a very light dry wax that goes away. I know that seems weird, but it doesn't actually feel like dry skin or waxy. It's just, different, but not bad different. Let me explain below.

It makes sense that an all natural ingredient recipe would create a different texture (the product itself and what it feels like on my skin) from a chemical ingredient recipe, but I didn't think about it until I actually tried a natural body cream for the first time. This being my very first one!

Now, I drink plenty of water and try my best to take care of myself so the softness and hydration of my skin isn't been bad even though some areas of my body leans a bit on the dry side. Using PureLips' body cream, my skin feels firmer and the texture has improved. It's not unnatural or greasy. Like I said, it's kind of like a dry wax but not??? But that does go away after awhile. It softens my skin to a satisfactory level for me, but I would bathe in lotion to give you an idea of how soft I prefer my skin to be, lol.
It works best when exfoliating dry skin and applying it immediately after a shower. The dryness blocks it from working on the skin so it'll only provide very temporary softness until you exfoliate which is why I think this is best for people with normal skin and then getting a separate cream for drier areas like feet, hands, knees, and elbows.

There is one interesting thing about this body cream that I'd like to share.
When I was younger, I was insecure and hid in long sleeves even on the hottest days in south Florida. That created unpleasant bumps on my upper arms that have never gone away. The only exception is when I go to the beach and the salt water smoothes out my skin.

After ONE shower and application, the next day I casually touched my arms and I did something like a double take. They felt smoother but I thought I was just over thinking it. I asked my husband's opinion and he noticed that they actually were smoother! It wasn't some incredible miracle, it was only a bit smoother so I don't think it will get rid of the bad skin, but there's definite goodness going on with those ingredients. Maybe with a good body wash for clear skin, this could work well with it.

I've used up about half of the bottle now and I would describe this body cream as nourishing more than hydrating. I LOVE that my skin's texture looks better and healthier but I'm stingy when it comes to moisturizing and pretty much have ridiculous expectations( ̄□ ̄;)

Will I Buy Again?
Yes! Though I prefer more moisturizing, the reason why I would repurchase this is because of the wonderful scent and it improved the texture of my skin which I love, love, love. Having it around as a gift or as a treat would be nice. Maybe use this on top or underneath another body cream that's unscented or use it for the benefit of the ingredients.

4 out of 5!

Next is the
a.k.a. Lip Oasis

good ingredients
easy to apply
melts on the lips
doesn't require heavy application
good to lightly apply before lip color

doesn't work on already chapped lips
doesn't stay on lips long from eating/drinking

$5 is fair as lip balms typically range between $2-$6.

Though there's no scent added, it has a natural scent from the ingredients.
Just kind of waxy and oily.

It has an oily consistency with a bit of shine. There's also a some grain since some of the ingredients are raw, but it melts fast with body heat and you don't need too much.

Using this correctly will give you the best results. If you have chapped lips, gently exfoliate them and then apply the treatment before sleeping to allow it to work during those hours without it being disturbed by eating, drinking, etc.

I wouldn't say I got immediate results but I could tell this would be good. With persistent use, my lips are much happier. My bottom lip is usually badly chapped to the point that every day I peel skin off out of bad habit (*꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ) Half the time unconsciously!

In the pic above, I had been using it for a week or so and you can see the sections of skin that I would peel off (๑•﹏•)''' Now my lips look less strained and they feel better. I can smile without a tight feeling or fear of splitting them ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑) Haven't been peeling as much since they're better but I still kinda try to even when there's no chapping, bad bad habit lol.

Will I Buy Again?
Yeees. I've become attached to this and wind up grabbing it instead of my usual lip balm. It may not last as long this way but my lips are happier. I wish it stayed on longer but it's a treatment! It's not meant to last long on the lips for use in the day.

5 out of 5!

Thank you for reading and I hope this review has helped you!

Take care,
Lorina ♡

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