Pt 2 of 3: PureLips on Etsy - Bright eyes make a bright face! - 100% Natural Vegan Under Eye Concealer Review

Here is the second post of a three piece review of products from PureLips, a 100% Natural Vegan store at Etsy!
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Quick reminder, this is the first time I'm trying natural vegan product. All my experiences in these reviews are results from using chemical based products to clean ones, so I'm completely new to all this!

(left picture, my head is slightly tilted down, casting a shadow on my eye bags
right picture, my head is slightly tilted up, allowing light to even out my features)
The only editing done to the pictures above are color and light corrections.

I've been out of concealer for awhile so I went ahead and got the

healthy makeup
natural ingredients
very opaque
only need a little
tube will last a long time
conceals well
not heavy if applied correctly
hydrating for dry skin
not heavy for oily skin
not shiny
no scent

good application requires patience
settles into lines without primer
even after awhile, it does settle into lines a bit
and fades a little after 5ish hours
(I only use primer, foundation, and setting powder)
dry skin more visible
smudges easy

Best For
In my opinion, people with normal to oily skin.
Or very balanced dry skin.

For $10 (in the tube packaging), it's a great price. It will last long, too!

It's creamy and doesn't feel sticky or heavy, which is great because layering makeup can feel uncomfortable at times. It's good for smooth blending.

I was quite surprised with how opaque this is! I lightly tapped it a few times on my hand to sample it in the first pictures above. You only need a little.

For me, I've had the best results applying the concealer with the tip of my ring finger and lightly dabbing it around my under eye area in an upside down triangle, slowly building coverage as I gently blend. It does take some time and patience. Though the concealer is opaque, it smudges easily. Some people may have difficulty doing this or won't have the patience or skill. If you want a quick and even application you may want to skip on this.

However, the under eye area is sensitive and could use extra loving. If concealer is a must in your routine, I would make the time to use a healthy, nourishing concealer.

I have oily/dry combination skin so let me tell you how that affects the concealer. 

Oiliness breaks makeup apart and moves it which tends to make me look cakey but the cream concealer doesn't look too bad! Liquid concealer is recommended for oily skin but with primer and setting powder, this one doesn't look as heavy and feels light on the skin. At best, it will get dewy looking when you start getting oily but it has a fair staying power when settled with powder.

However, in my case, I have dry skin too (╬ Ò ‸ Ó) Which this concealer, though not drying (thank goodness), can make the dry patches apparent. There's no smoothing that out, and you can't always exfoliate and get rid of everything without hurting yourself! (; ̄Д ̄)SO, you just deal with what you've got and hope for the best. I don't think it's visible unless you're in personal space with someone, depending on how bad the dryness is.

After five hours, this is how it looks. It's a bit faded and my makeup has ran down. For touch up (not pictured), I only use blotting paper and powders and it doesn't look as fresh cause combo skin is always a battle( ̄~ ̄;)

The pictures above are with NO concealer, closer to natural light from the window.
To get an understanding of my eye features, there's a difference between eye bags and aegyo sal (I don't know what the english translation is). My bottom lid naturally puffs out and is NOT a result of tiredness, etc. That is the aegyo sal, but below it you can see a second line and darker shadow. That is the eye bag that I want to brighten.

The pictures below are WITH concealer, settled with powder, and further from the window. It definitely will look better with primer and setting powder. It doesn't feel thick or heavy, it's very soft!
Just make sure to press the powder on your face instead of sweeping since this concealer smudges easy. As you can see, my eye bags don't look as shallow or dark, making my face look brighter and more awake!

(I know my pictures aren't consistent, sorry sorry - .-'' I tried lol
I only use natural light and my phone for pics. It storms every day now.)

Will I Buy Again?
My expectations for a concealer is for it to blend well, not be streaky or chalky, give me the ability to even it out and build up, not feel/look heavy or oily, doesn't look bad when using powder over it, doesn't settle into lines or make the skin look dry, and lasts even after touch ups.

I've tried this concealer at least more than a handful of times now and it has met most of those expectations. Of all things, I'm grateful it doesn't make my face feel heavy or melting. This is definitely on my mental list of concealers I do like and would fall back to if I don't find any new ones of interest.

4 out of 5!

Thank you for reading and I hope this review has helped you!

Take care,
Lorina ♡

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