Pt 3 of 3: PureLips on Etsy - Youthful face! - 100% Natural Vegan Cleanser and Facial Buttercreme Review

My last review of the products from PureLips at Etsy!
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These last two are the cleanser and facial buttercreme.
My skin is oily/dry combination and a little sensitive. Very oily nose, chin, and forehead, and then dry and flakey cheeks that go up to my temple that can be painful if not taken care of.
It's frustrating (◕︿◕✿)

Let's start with the

only need a little
easy to spread
doesn't sting
doesn't break me out
cleans pores well
moisturizes instead of strips
good ingredients
very light fresh scent


Best For
In my opinion, this could be used for all skin types.

Definitely good for $10. I think this could last me just as long as my old face wash which would be great. Crossing my fingers!

Like a thin lotion which helps with spreading all over the face. There's no foam or sudsing.

It's easy to overload with product when washing your face, but you only need a little for this to be effective. You can apply this on your skin without or with water. With water, it's easier to spread out and to exfoliate. Without water, it's comfortable, fast, and no mess. It's recommended to use a quarter size, but I'm still trying to get down what amount is necessary for me personally.

It feels clean, doesn't dry my skin, or make it red, and knowing it has good ingredients makes me feel comfortable using it. For me, it does tingle a bit when applying on skin that isn't wet. (Using these products have made me realize how sensitive my skin actually is since I don't experiment enough to grasp my skin's needs.)

It's now three weeks since I started using this product and, from what I can tell, my pores are smaller and they definitely look cleaner thanks to the charcoal. I have been getting pimples here and there, which isn't that uncommon, but I feel like there's more than usual. I'm assuming it's the charcoal drawing out impurities. It's done such a great job with my blackheads and making my face look cleaner, I can't imagine it's making my skin worse.

For me and my oily/dry combination skin, I have no problems with either but I still put the buttercreme on my dry areas immediately. My oily skin can get away with not having any moisturizer and it's fairly balanced. But the areas that are both oily and dry at the same time, I prefer to apply a light layer of moisturizer after cleansing.

Will I Buy Again?
Definitely! I really have no complains. I'll probably still try out new stuff but I like this cleanser a lot! It's gentle, effective, and it feels clean.

5 out of 5!

To go along with the cleanser, I got the

doesn't seem to exacerbate my oily skin
has improved the texture of my skin
moisturizes/hydrates well
great ingredients

unpleasant smell, but it goes away quick (i have strong nose)
dry skin needs a concentrated amount

Best For
In my opinion, this is best for normal to dry skin.
Dry skin may need extra or thicker application.

For me and this size, $15 is getting pricey for moisturizer but I LOVE the ingredients and what it's done. What will make it tip the scale for being too pricey is how long it will last compared to my old moisturizer, but for sure it works muuuuch better.

Creamy and thick. Feels nourishing. Doesn't take too long to dry when rubbed in and there's no film or layer feeling after it's dry.

Moisturizers are a VERY important part to my skin care because of my dry skin. It can get dry, crackly, and painful if not taken care of. I need some serious moisturizing so that I don't get repeat dryness and be tempted to exfoliate my entire face off!! (ᗒᗩᗕ)՞

Thankfully, I have this! This is the best moisturizer I've used thus far in my life. The ingredients are doing an amazing thing to my skin, but I'm mostly thankful that it actually hydrates the dry areas. Though the only way to do that is to concentrate the buttercreme and rub it in to make sure it's worked into the skin. I use about a chickpea size to do this and only lightly layer the oily areas, or completely skip and just take care of the dry areas. Some days I do a second, lighter application if I feel that my skin will need more.

In just a few days my skin's texture improved and my face didn't look as weathered or tired. I didn't realize it was that bad! The texture is continuously improving with the use of this buttercreme.

As a side note, the week the products arrived I exfoliated a lot more than usual so the first time I tried the buttercreme, it stung my face. As the days progressed, it felt more like a tingle, then minty, then I didn't feel anything when my skin was healed. Other sensations that I've felt is firming, which I first mistook as tightening from dryness until I touched my face and it was soft and hydrated. It does seem that my skin is more supple and firm.

The only complaint, for me, is that the smell is not pleasant but it's no longer as strong as in the first week of use. Though I had been smelling weird things around that time so maybe my senses were tricking me.

Will I Buy Again?
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss. I would like to try other PureLips moisturizers but right now, this is number one for me.

5 out of 5!

Results of Cleanser + Buttercreme
Within THREE days of use, I saw noticeable results that have been balancing my face.
For example, before PureLips, the texture of my skin looked like it was struggling and tight, just tired looking. There was dry skin and patches. Then there was oil being produced over skin that looked dehydrated! With the cleanser and the buttercreme, my face looks and feels hydrated with less oiliness. I still get shiny but it doesn't look nearly as bad. It used to be oil slick-like.

I was also starting to get fine lines in places where I make harder expressions because of the tired, dry skin. Now they're less defined and are basically gone in some places!! My bad habit of exfoliating too hard has diminished as well and I have started using a terry wash cloth for gentle exfoliation when removing the cleanser.

While wearing makeup, even though I still get shiny at the same times I usually do, my face doesn't feel as heavy and touch up looks better, not as dry or cakey. Makeup just works better on hydrated skin. I'm not saying my skin has done a miracle turn around, but it just looks and feels better from before.

I would have taken pictures but I wasn't sure if I was going to review these items (or if my phone camera wold of been good enough for that detail) but they all turned out too good to keep to myself! Just believe me on this cause I wouldn't lead anyone astray with skin like mine. I understand the pain and the struggle.

The prices combined is similar to my old cleanser and moisturizer. I'm really hoping they can last just as long or near to it cause these work great for me. Such a relief for my skin ♡( •⌄• ू )✧

My skin appears cleaner, clearer, and less tired/stressed. With these results, I really want to get a toner and serum to see how much better my skin can get! I know it could use more pampering and I'm getting greedy seeing the improvements. I want more!

I have truly enjoyed all these products! I took my time to test them out and to revise my posts to make sure that what I've put together are true to my real life experiences. A lot of my opinions changed and solidified over the weeks, so if you try something make sure to not go by first impressions.

If you're intrigued by my results, check out Pond's store and buy some samples for yourself! It's good to test for allergies and reactions before committing to a full size, as well. Remember, not everyone's skin is the same so what good thing happened to me, may not happen to you. But, I really hope it does if you buy PureLips!

Thank you for reading and I hope this review has helped you!

Take care,
Lorina ♡

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