Sapphire Diamond Rings by Jeulia

My husband and I have always done things together. Before we got married in 2010 he was with me picking out wedding dresses as I tried them on. The most important thing to us is being there for each other. We're basically inseparable.

Getting married was special and the rings we have are just as important to us as they're his late grandmother's and grandfather's rings. However, before we agreed to marriage we never looked at it like the peak of our love. To us, it's just a piece of paper with a few rings to make it public. It's not the symbol of our love, we are our own symbol with the way we treat each other.

So I've never wanted or asked for an expensive ring or a big wedding. I just wanted to spend the rest of my life with the person I love. The most I would ask for, is I'm going to wear a ring I want it to be pretty and either meaningful or matches my personality.

In comes, Jeulia, an affordable online jewelry store! They approached me to review a product so I took this opportunity to get new wedding rings that my husband and best friend agreed matches my personality. I'll still wear my first rings, but when I'm in the mood for a dark theme, I'll switch out to these. Eventually, my husband will get something matching with peridot instead of sapphire :3 Our birthstones!

Now that the backstory is out of the way, I'll get onto the review and pretty pictures, lol.

When this ring set was available, the stock pictures looked exactly how the rings look in person. Except the surface of the band is very shiny which makes it look like a dark grey. I didn't do much with correcting the color in these pictures.  The sapphires are a true deep blue. I don't know anything about the craftsmanship of jewelry so I can't say how well this will hold up but it looks good to me, lol.

These rings feel light which surprised me. I'm used to some weight with my first wedding rings. Other things I noted was that the sides of band are a bit rough cause of the tiny gems. If your fingers press together and/or if you have texture sensitive skin, I'd recommend a simpler design.

I can't say much on the fit since I don't know my approximate ring size. I guessed and it fits well, lol.

I'm in love with how dark these rings look (´∇ノ`*)ノ I'm really happy with them and they're just gorgeous! They definitely fit a darker style and suit me well :]

It took two weeks to arrive and the packaging was decent. The box came in a plastic bag so the box was a bit banged up but the jewelry box inside was well protected. It came with a little gift bag, greeting card, and a cloth for polishing! Those are the most important parts for presentation anyways.

As with any online purchase, always do some research and make sure you're comfortable with what you're buying. It's always difficult buying online when giving the product a chance to be exactly what you want and to receive it with no problems. It's too bad they don't have a store you can step in to because their jewelry would be some serious eye candy!

Thank you for reading my review!

Take care,
Lorina ♡

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