Birthday goodies! Lizzy Storm Designs + ZooShoo

My birthday was earlier this month and here are some of my favorite presents from my best friend ♡

I consider myself a difficult person to get gifts for. I like practical things that suit me and I don't like wasting money. Other than that, I don't like accepting money or gifts, idk, I'm hesitant and I don't feel like I deserve it, lol. So things have to be pressed on to me.

My best friend knows me well, and even though she considers this impersonal, I feel that it's the best route to take with me. She gave me birthday money to get something I truly will enjoy, and this way, I can be as stingy and picky as I want with the money, lol.

So, I'll be linking where these items are from!

Epic Organics Review - Skin Care

I'm continuing my search to replace all my bath and beauty products with natural choices.
What I'll be sharing with you are products from Epic Organics at Etsy!

I've ordered twice from them already and I'll be reviewing all the items in those orders. Keep reading if you're interested in natural alternatives for skin care :] Especially if you have oily/dry combination skin!

Dover Koa & Black Wood Watch by Jord

Technology advancements have given us smart phones and even smart watches but there's always something classic about a finely crafted wrist watch. As an appreciator of a variety of arts, this wood watch was too beautiful to pass up!

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Wood isn't a medium I've used before but my father-in-law does carpentry professionally and as a hobby. The works I've seen him do are amazing so woodwork is something I admire. Something like this would definitely make a great gift! The overall look and presentation is wonderful.