Birthday goodies! Lizzy Storm Designs + ZooShoo

My birthday was earlier this month and here are some of my favorite presents from my best friend ♡

I consider myself a difficult person to get gifts for. I like practical things that suit me and I don't like wasting money. Other than that, I don't like accepting money or gifts, idk, I'm hesitant and I don't feel like I deserve it, lol. So things have to be pressed on to me.

My best friend knows me well, and even though she considers this impersonal, I feel that it's the best route to take with me. She gave me birthday money to get something I truly will enjoy, and this way, I can be as stingy and picky as I want with the money, lol.

So, I'll be linking where these items are from!

Love these tops! They're stretchy and comfy and the designs are unique and well balanced ♡ I'm looking forward to layering with these on a colder day :] Description says it runs small and to go up a size. I definitely recommend it!

These are super tall and thin. They're really beautiful in person. For me they're true to size but just a bit stuffy with thick socks. I don't think these will be good for people with wide feet.

I haven't walked in really high shoes in a long time but these were comfortable! They might look a little funny on me though cause of how short my legs are and how high these are, lol. Still, they're beautiful and I like them :]

Beetlejuice Wallet Case from LBCustomDesignsLLC

I've been needing a case and wanted to try out a wallet style. I like it so far! Buuut, I can tell the bind is cheap. It won't be too long until the fake leather starts feathering cause when I fold the front to the back, the bind creases. That's okay though since it'll match the theme, haha.

I really love everything! ♡ It's always fun getting new stuff and it's refreshing wearing new clothes you like!

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