Dover Koa & Black Wood Watch by Jord

Technology advancements have given us smart phones and even smart watches but there's always something classic about a finely crafted wrist watch. As an appreciator of a variety of arts, this wood watch was too beautiful to pass up!

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Wood isn't a medium I've used before but my father-in-law does carpentry professionally and as a hobby. The works I've seen him do are amazing so woodwork is something I admire. Something like this would definitely make a great gift! The overall look and presentation is wonderful.

I decided to give this watch to my husband since I'm a wreck and anything on my hands and wrists will get caught on things and I'd ruin something, lol. That's my wrist, btw, not my husband's.

When I first showed the watches to him, he got so excited and fell in love with them. His dad thinks they're awesome too! My husband gets so many compliments on it and it's really no wonder cause it's just so, so, so much more beautiful in person. In pictures, it's really nice and different, but goodness, if you buy one of these you won't be disappointed.
It's really like a piece of art!

Inside the box are a few other things. A pillow to store and display the watch, extra pieces to lengthen the watch if you get it sized, a year long warranty card, a card with instructions on how to use the watch, and a cleaning cloth for the watch's face.

If you're the show and tell kind of person, they included a card that shows what tag to use on Instagram!

Aesthetically, it looks very clean and professional but can also be worn casually. It was hard to capture the correct color of this watch. It's like a medium honey with a hint of red. The pieces somewhat have a tiger's eye gemstone affect and the edges of the wood look clean cut without any chance of splinters. It's very well made from my amateur eyes, but even my father-in-law thought it was nice so that let's me know it's good!

As for the watch itself, the moving gears are my favorite feature. Everything looks polished and it moves smoothly.

The part that barely anyone will see is ALSO beautiful. When I turned it around I was just as stunned with this side.

To put on and take off, it has a deployment buckle with push buttons. Very simple and easy. We got it sized to his wrist so this kind of closure is good.

Here's a close up of the extra pieces.
At first I thought it would be difficult to put together but all you have to do is push out a pin that's already in the band with one of the loose pins and then tinker with it from there with the other pieces to fit it to your wrist. Of course, I didn't figure that out myself. I let my father-in-law do that, lol.

BUT, we all assumed his wrist and my husband's wrist were sized the same but wound up being loose after he was done. When my in-law tried to push the pin out to take a couple pieces out, it wasn't budging. He had to use a small hammer to take it apart and assemble it again.
It's definitely worth knowing and sharing.

If you liked what you saw here, check out the tag #jordwatch on Instagram to see other watches people have bought! It always gives me more comfort to buy something when I can see it from different perspectives.

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