Epic Organics Review - Skin Care

I'm continuing my search to replace all my bath and beauty products with natural choices.
What I'll be sharing with you are products from Epic Organics at Etsy!

I've ordered twice from them already and I'll be reviewing all the items in those orders. Keep reading if you're interested in natural alternatives for skin care :] Especially if you have oily/dry combination skin!

(click this link to look at the sample soaps!)

1. OH MY
It nearly had no scent at all and what I could smell was very mild. Milk, oatmeal, and honey aren't exactly known for strong scents.

2. The Exorcist
This was mine and my husband's favorite! I was so in love with it that I would have gotten it as a perfume! It's hard to describe though. While the description they have of it fits, it's just something you have to experience yourself.

3. Biker Baby
This was the extra they put in the order. It was a simple and pleasant scent. I mostly smelled the baby powder. It's not something I would personally buy but it's not offending or strong.

Texture + Lather
These soaps give you that literal squeaky clean feeling but none of them felt drying after getting out of the shower. As for lather, to be honest, since they're natural soaps I wasn't expecting much but they did well! The only thing that sticks out to me was the texture of The Exorcist. It felt more slick directly on skin, but in a good way. Since it can be used for shaving it makes sense that it's texture is like that.

Between me and my husband using all three soaps together, they lasted about three weeks. So I'd say for sample soaps, they're a good size to truly try out for an individual person.

1. OH MY
I wanted to try this out for dry skin. Though it wasn't drying, this wasn't the soap for me. I feel that it was possibly breaking me out. Sometimes my skin doesn't react well to food ingredients so that may be why. But I do want to get another sample for my husband to use since he has some mild eczema.

2. The Exorcist
Once again, this was our favorite! The scent was the driving point that made us want to order this again but it also felt great on the skin and I was really curious to see long term results for clearer skin for the body and face. We ordered the full size of The Exorcist 2 which is a harder and bigger version with our next order. I'll elaborate on our experiences with at the second half of the review!

3. Biker Baby
This was just a regular soap to me. I mostly used it as a hand soap and then a body soap when we ran out of the others. Though I think it's a limited edition soap so I'm glad I got to try it!


I enjoyed the sample soaps a lot and I'm looking forward to trying more! Next, I'm looking at the MoistureRose Me, Fairy Kisses, and Peachy Keen!

This is lilac scented. I like floral scents but this wasn't for me. Funny, yet also unfortunate story, one night my husband and I were going to bed and he said, "Something smells like bug spray." Turns out it was the lilac lotion bar, LOL.

These lotions bars are heavy duty and block out dryness. I absolutely LOVE their suggestion with putting this on before washing dishes. It protects my sensitive hands ♡ This is a repurchase item for sure but I'll be trying out different scents every time.

The description says about a month and that's pretty correct depending on how much you use it.

I feel that this gives my skin more of a barrier rather than actually moisturizing my skin so I prefer to pair this with my lotion on top, cause without the lotion it doesn't stick or soak as well. I like to use this under my lotion on drier areas like my elbows and shins. That way the texture of my skin looks less stressed and feels softer! Exfoliation is also important to get the best out of this. 
I've also noticed that since it's heavy, it can stain paper. That might sound odd, but since I draw a lot I get my hands on paper frequently. Dark paper like grey tones will get stained because of the oils.

Such a cute and fitting name, fairy kisses! It smells just like fresh cut flowers. I'm in love with it so I ordered this again!

On their stock pictures, the texture looks way different and the heat of south Florida weather can take that blame. Since this is coconut oil and shea butter, they melt, and I knew that buying this so I don't mind at all. Works the same to me.
I love, love, love the texture for this. It doesn't feel greasy or that overly oily texture. It's a very clean kind of oil that goes into the skin quicker than expected.

This depends on how much you're using and where you're using it. The first time I ordered this it lasted two weeks, I think? I was using it for my body and face, but probably sparingly to try and make it last longer.

This is their 2 oz and that was plenty enough for me to know I was going to buy this again.
As a body moisturizer, I enjoyed that it was natural, felt clean, and it did well but it would have been too expensive with how I like to use body moisturizers and it wasn't as moisturizing as I prefer.

As a face cream, YES.
I have oily/dry combination skin. Oily nose, around the nose, and forehead. Dry cheeks and temples that get flaky and can be painful! Using this has balanced the oil BUT it's not enough for my dry cheeks (a change of face cleanser and another face cream will fix that). Oily skin has been the worst cause it ruins my makeup and it can generally be embarrassing, so I would recommend this for oily skin. Don't put too much on, just a light layer. It'll give you a hydrated glow, not a shine.
Some other notes, it hasn't clogged my pores or made me break out. I also had to change my face cleanser and I had to learn the amount to put on before I noticed an improvement on the oily skin.

Second Order Review

Since I enjoyed the first order so much, we ordered again ASAP!

They were out of The Exorcist so I got this one fully expecting it to be a bigger version of The Exorcist that lasted longer, but it doesn't smell the same which was a disappointment. Still works the same, but I prefer the scent of The Exorcist sample that we received. I guess their ingredients are a little different in order to make it last longer. My husband split it half so we have our own separate pieces and each half is over a whole month's use.

I'm quite convinced it's softened the texture of my skin, reduced break outs, and is slowly improving my husband's mild acne. There hasn't been any miracle turn overs but there aren't any complaints. My skin feels clean and isn't drying out. I'd still like to use it longer to determine how well the soap really works. I'm definitely happier knowing it's natural and good for me.

 For a few weeks I was using it as a face cleanser and it definitely cleans up. My pores are smaller and clearer,  My skin looked clear but it was too drying for my dry skin to continue using. If you have oily and acne prone skin, I suggest giving this a try if you're not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Also, this lathers a lot! All together, I've enjoyed this soap and I do see that it does work the longer you use it. It's a good soap and I'd buy again :]

This time I got the Pumpkin Bread and it has a strong spice scent to it. It smells great for the fall! South Florida doesn't get the season changes, which is too bad since it's beautiful, but this is helping me prepare for the holiday season!

This is the extra they put in our order this time. I gave it to my husband to use for his facial hair and he likes the feel of it and tells me he hasn't had any problems with it. The scent is mild, pleasant, but doesn't stick. So far, the soaps you can use for shaving feel really great on the skin!

Ordered this one again for the second time, same scent, but as you can see it looks totally different! Sadly, it arrived on one of the hottest, muggiest, miserable days this summer and I couldn't check the mail until the end of the day ;; Last time I was able to pick it up right away and save it from the heat but this poor jar got left in a metal box standing in the sun all day. They kindly put the product in a plastic jar instead of a tin jar cause they were aware of the summer heat. Though that didn't save the texture, it saved the product from leaking!

When it cooled down the texture was gritty. It was no longer smooth or whipped but that didn't stop me from using it!! I love this stuff and I'll take it in any form! I just rubbed it into my skin to let it melt.
Seriously, sometimes I just stare at my nose and am awed that it's not shiny. Just a thin layer of this stuff and it hydrates the oily skin enough to keep it from over producing more oil. I still get oily but it's really not awful anymore.

Now I just need to figure out how to balance the dry skin. I'm using a new oil based cleanser right now, hoping it's gentler and more hydrating for my dry skin (that'll be the next review for my skin), and it hasn't offset this as a face cream! So I'm hoping and believing I'm getting closer to finding that perfect combination to balance out the mess on my face!

Will I Buy Again?
Yes! The second order is enough proof of that but I'll be sticking with this shop if I don't find something better than Reborn for my oily skin. I'm also enjoying the soaps and the variety they offer and idk, I love trying different scents. My husband and I can get stuck in a candle aisle for 5-10 minutes just smelling candles, lol.

5 out of 5!

Thank you for reading!

Take care,
Lorina ♡

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