MoistureRose Me Soap for Soft Skin + Natural Deodorant

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This review will consist of an awesome natural soap and natural deodorant in the MoistureRose Me scent! I'm super thrilled to share this!

I didn't know I could be infatuated with a soap! MoistureRose Me is thoughtfully handmade with natural ingredients by Epic Soap Company on Etsy. They're currently changing their labels so you'll see their old name, Epic Organics, for a little while.

So, where do I begin? Maybe breaking down my points will help me organize my excited thoughts!

It's simply gorgeous. What a beautiful warm rosy pink red color. It's romantic with dried rose petals scattered across the top of the soap. It's within my one of my favorite ranges of colors so I'm naturally drawn to it, as well as the flowers. Gardens and flowers are on top of my favorite things ever. Looks great to decorate a bathroom. Pictured above is only half the size of the bar since I prefer cutting mine in half. 
I've already use this word already, but, romantic. Like pressed roses in a diary. Okay, yeah, I'm getting cheesy and dramatic but I literally imagine a late night scene with candles and dry pressed roses scattered about when I smell this soap. The scent doesn't linger on the skin but showering with it is so calming. 
Amazing lather. Originally, I thought natural soaps would be too hard to lather well. This surprised me and it glides over the skin so well.

Experience + Results
Other than the aesthetic and scent, I wanted to try this out because of the other buyers claiming that it softened their skin. Moisture is a big deal to me. I can't stand the feeling of my skin being dry.

For me, I can tell this is helping with softness the more that I use it. It's not dramatic since my skin's already hydrated but compared to all the other soaps I've tried from this company this is the most moisturizing. It's ESPECIALLY working well for my husband!

He hates the feeling of lotion and prefers the feeling of dryness which doesn't help with his mild eczema, mild acne, and calloused elbows and knees from working. We've been using natural soaps for a few months now and we've seen some all over improvements. While they were very slow, they've been working to heal his skin.

The thick, sharp, dry callouses on his elbows have been completely softened and his knees are on the way there! That's a HUGE deal since he doesn't like lotion/creams, there wasn't a way to improve the callouses into his routine, but just using natural soap? I'm super impressed!

When we started using MoistureRose Me, it seemed to increase the speed of healing on his skin compared to the other soaps (but maybe it's thanks to the help of continued use of other soaps that this is working faster?). His skin is softer and clearer. I think the eczema calms down a bit more too. All this just in the week we've had it. He even made mention of the soap helping his skin when he's never commented on his own other than enjoying the scents we've gotten from EpicSoapCompany. This soap is a win for both of us!

I want to try other soaps for fun but this is officially a repurchase and go-to item when we want a good soap that cleans, heals, and moisturizes!

5 out of 5!

Also made by Epic Soap Company, the EPIC Natural Deodorant in MoistureRose Me, the very first natural deodorant I've ever used. Deodorant is kind of an unusual topic but I'm excited to share this!

There are many companies with their own ingredients and mixtures for natural deodorants but since I loved the MoistureRose Me scent, I went ahead with this brand. There were reviews made by their customers that gave this product 5 stars and I wanted to see for myself how well it worked!

It's softer than chemical stick deodorants with a soft grainy texture. There tends to be some clumping that needs to be rubbed in. 

Experience + Results

I'm still new when it comes to natural products so I tend to be in that iffy crowd questioning whether the products really work or are lesser versions of what's readily available in stores. I'm happily surprised to say this works just as well or even better! 
For real, I was smelling myself constantly the first couple days (lol) from one application. It wasn't wearing off nor did it have that typical deodorant smell that chemical deodorants have that get kind of obnoxious as the day goes by. Instead the scent just waters down while you stay fresh :] 
My husband used this, too, by my request for the sake of this review and he wound up really liking it! He works all day and chemical deodorants tend to wear off by the end of it. This EPIC natural deodorant lasted longer than the old one so we're definitely getting one for himself soon! 
Epic Soap Company offers options for scent. I chose MoistureRose Me and it translates well between the soap and the deodorant. The scent isn't overpowering but just enough to start off bold and as the scent fades you're just left with no smell of anything at all. Not you, not the deodorant, just, no smell. 
But like other stick deodorants, it leaves white marks on black clothing. It can be rubbed out though.
This is all by our experiences. I'm sure it will vary from person to person, but we hit it with this item. It works so well and this is yet another wonderful smelling and reliable natural product that gets me excited to use it!

5 out of 5!

Thanks for stopping by and take care!
Lorina ♡

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