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April Fool Romance is a personal blog dedicated to finding confidence within the interests of fashion, beauty, self care, and self love.

I truly feel that sharing what I know and what I love can start a spark within someone like what happened to me when I decided to strive for a better relationship with myself. I started with an outward process when I allowed myself a chance to believe that I could have confidence.

Once I put effort into feeling good with how I looked for me, and only me, I discovered an amazing feeling I never felt before and that was the fluttering escape from all the self hatred that I only knew. Though it's not all gone, as everyone has bad days, fashion and beauty has been an eye opener for my own kind of beauty. Then in time I needed it less and less and now it's something I love on it's own while being more comfortable with myself.

Simplicity and freedom in being who I am is what I offer here. Like many people, I'm trying to find peace, happiness, and acceptance with my body and interests. I'm hoping through this I will be able to inspire others to reach for confidence and happiness.

If any readers relate, then I hope there is something here that will help or encourage you towards self care and self love!

About the Blogger!

Hello, I'm Lorina! Let me share a few things about myself.

I'm Filipina, born in the Philippines but raised in the US. My birthday is September 6th and my signs are Cancer Rising, Virgo Sun, and Scorpio in Moon. If you didn't guess, I find astrology fascinating! I have an INFJ personality and I'm a Christian ever-expanding my boundaries of love and acceptance of all walks of life ♡

I'm very happily married to the person who has constantly saved me and helped me be a better person, who keeps me laughing and feeling beautiful day after day *heart eyes*. Our relationship is the inspiration for my blog's name because our anniversary is on April Fool's Day! Three years apart from each event, he asked me out, proposed to me, and married me on the same date ♡ Coincidentally, my favorite number is 3!

Hobbies + Interests
drawing, ukulele, singing, song writing, health and fitness, anime (fantasy, action, romance, comedy), fashion, beauty, hair

Random Stuff
We have two pets we consider our children! Winter, a cow printed chihuahua and Howl, a large orange tabby.
I've collected all my sketchbooks since 2000!
If I were a color, my husband said I'd be the pinkish orange hue in a sunset.
I get physical and painful symptoms of anxiety x .x'''
I have three ukuleles named Marigold, Kalliope, and Sweet Pea (the pink one above!).

Thanks for your interest :3

Take care!
Lorina ♡

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